Vinland Saga Season 2, 2nd Cour Releases Opening and Ending Theme With New Trailers

vinland saga opening ending theme

The Vinland Saga series is something anime enthusiasts haven’t had a taste of in a long time. Following Thorfinns journey for vengeance, we see him become a broken man with nothing to live for besides the death of Askeladd. As such, he fails to see those who care for him and thus becomes lost in an endless spiral of nightmares. With the second season-ending, we have new information regarding the 2nd cour. This guide will detail all known information regarding Vinland Saga season 2, 2nd cour Opening, and Ending Theme.

New Opening and Ending theme for Vinland Saga Season 2, 2nd cour

Vinland Saga is the latest craze amongst anime enthusiasts because of its Viking theme and revenge-driven storytelling. Vinland Saga will have 24 episodes each season, with the second season available on Netflix to watch. However, the series is soon nearing the end of the 1st cour.

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After multiple grueling battles in the first season and Thorfinn accumulating a growing body count. Season 2 of Vinland Saga is very tame as we see Thorfinn come to terms with what kind of person he has become. As the end of the 1st cour draws near, the official Vinland Saga Twitter account has released the Opening and Ending theme of the 2nd cour.

In the tweets, we can see the popular Japanese artist Survive Said The Prophet to have produced the Opening song called Paradox. In a second tweet, we can also find haju_hamonics to have produced the Ending theme called Ember.
In the 2nd cour, we hope to see a certain reunion and see what King Canute has hiding under his sleeve.

That concludes our guide on Vinland Saga’s second cour of season 2’s new opening and ending theme. Are you tired of action and adventure anime? Do you want something more mature and thrilling? If so, check out this guide Top Ten Psychological Anime You Need To Watch.


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