What is a Black Blade in One Piece?

what is a black sword in one piece

One of the most common weapons used in One Piece is swords. As a result, these swords have various rankings, depending on the swordsmith and wielder. Throughout the course of the anime and manga, Zoro will obtain a few swords he will tame and make his own. These swords will become the driving factor in which Zoro must become stronger due to the nature of the swords. However, only a few swords are a cut above the rest; they are Black Blades or swords. So, in this guide, we will detail what is a Black Blade in One Piece.

One Piece – What is a Black Blade?

One Piece is an anime full of adventure, in which the Straw Hat crew will learn new and exciting things. During their adventures, they will meet new enemies, in which they must grow stronger to protect the people they care about. As a result, during the Wano Arc, Zoro will have his sword Shusui stolen from him and returned to Shimotsuki Ryuma’s grave. In which Zoro will be left swordless.

The Shusui is one of the 21 Great Swords and was a Black Blade; it was also prized as a national treasure in Wano. A Black Blade is a sword that can increase the current rank of a sword, becoming stronger and unable to break or crack. Yoru, one of 12 Supreme Grade Swords belonging to Dracule Mihawk, is also a Black Blade. During his training on Gloom Island, Zoro learns that any sword can become a Black Blade.

How do you make a Black Sword?

During the Wano Arc, we learn the Ryuma had countless battles with the Shusui. After which, the blade permanently turned Black. This gives the insight to have any sword can become black. However, there is one more condition to fulfill. Any sword can become a Black Blade. However, it will only be forged in countless battles using Haki.

We often see Zoro encasing his swords in Haki, strengthening them. However, they soon revert. During the Wano Arc, Zoro will also obtain a new sword, Enma. This sword had previously belonged to Kozuki Oden, and in exchange for leaving Shusui in Wano, Zoro was gifted Enma.

However, Enma has not yet become a Black Blade and is known to be a “problem child.” As a result, Enma will try to siphon all of the user’s Haki and cut more than intended. Therefore to completely control Enma, Zoro needs to tame it using Advanced Conquerors Haki. So, to conclude, Zoro could turn Enma black if he continued using Busoshoku Haki and Haoshoku Haki during his battles.

And with that, we conclude this guide on what is a Black Sword in One Piece. If you enjoyed this guide, be sure to check out our others. You can also check out, What is the Blue Spider Lily in Demon Slayer?


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