What is Sanji’s true identity in One Piece?

what is sanji's true identity in one piece

For the longest time, it was believed that Sanji was just a cook that stayed in the Baratie with Zeff. However, through the previous few Arcs in the anime, it was revealed that Sanji is much more than we expected. So, here’s a guide explaining Sanji’s true identity in One Piece.

One Piece – What is Sanji’s true identity?

When we were first introduced to Sanji, the backstory given to eager fans was that of him and Zeff working together to survive being stranded at sea. After which, Zeff opened the Baratie ocean-going restaurant in East Blue. As a result, anime enthusiasts believed this was everything that could be known about Sanji; of course, we were proven wrong!

It is during the Whole Cake Island Arc which we learn what Sanji’s true identity is. It was an even bigger shock that Sanji would leave the crew to go to Whole Cake Island. We know more about the Vinsmoke Family and the Germa Empire during this Arc. Sanji had left the crew to meet with his estranged family on Whole Cake Island. After this, we find out that Sanji is the third son and a prince of the Vinsmoke Family.

However, Vinsmoke Judge was obsessed with unlocking the human Lineage Factor and creating strong military commanders. He would soon go on to marry Vinsmoke Sora and have five children. However, when Sora conceived quadruplets, Judge forced Sora to undergo surgery to remove their emotions. To combat this, she took a drug to stop the effect of the surgery. The pill she took only worked on Sanji.

Unfortunately, after Judge found out that Sanji was an average human and did not have any of the genetic modifications as his brothers, Judge abandoned Sanji. Thankfully, his older sister Reiju still cared for him and helped him escape the Germa Empire.

After this, he joined a cooking crew on a ship Reiji helped him escape. However, Zeff and crew soon looted it, and a storm destroyed their ship, leaving Zeff and Sanji stranded at sea. After this, Sanji joined his crew.


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