Why does Inosuke not have a Crow in Demon Slayer?

why does inosuke not have a crow in demon slayer

In a world where Demons roam the night searching for their next meal, it would not be surprising that Crows can speak the human language. As a result, these intelligent birds play an essential role in the Demon Slayer Corps, so why is it that Inosuke is seen without one? If you’re curious about the answer, follow this guide to learn why Inosuke does not have a Crow in Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer – Why does Inosuke not have a Crow?

The Demon Slayer Corps have plenty of resources, from the Swordsmith Village to the Butterfly Mansion. However, there is one crucial resource that all Demon Slayers utilize, and that is the Kasugi Crows.

These black birds are primarily used for communication for the Demon Slayer Corps. Of course, Demon Slayer occurred during the Taisho era, when electricity and steam trains (R.I.P Rengoku) became a daily way of life.

However, these Telephone lines were mainly seen in large cities or towns. Given the nature of the Demons, hunting usually took place away from the gazing eyes of society. This is why using the Kasugi Crows is needed; everyone has one in the Demon Slayer Corps.

Inosuke, of course, does have a Crow called Dongurimaru. However, because of Inosuke’s beastly nature and growing up in the wild, he will most likely eat anything. Which brings us to why we don’t see Inosuke with a Crow as much as the others. Dongurimaru is scared that Inosuke may eat him!

Let’s not forget that Inosuke did want to eat Tanjiro’s crow Matsuemon Tennoji! So, Inosuke does have a Crow, but based on Inosuke’s lack of common sense, his crow prefers to avoid him.

And with that, we conclude this guide on why Inosuke does not have a Crow in Demon Slayer. Did you enjoy this guide? If yes, we have plenty more you may like! Check out, Why does Ichigo have two Zanpakuto in Bleach?


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