Will Bakugo come back to life in My Hero Academia?

will bakugo come back to life in my hero academia

With an explosive personality, just like his quirk, Bakugo Katsuki had many fans and haters. However, everyone’s favorite loudmouth pomeranian is dealing with a life-or-death situation. After going through his mini-redemption arc and getting ready to see him kick butts with Izuki, Katsuki is now I’m limbo. So, follow this guide to learn whether Bakugo will come back to life in My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia – Will Bakugo come back to life?

My Hero Academia’s resident anger management teen Bakugo Katsuki has been in many life-threatening situations. He has been kidnapped and held hostage, pierced in his abdomen and upper should, and recently had a fatal punch to the chest. During the Final War Arc, Katsuki is fatally punched by Tomuro (All for One) and lying lifeless. Will Bakugo come back to life to My Hero Academia? Currently, Katsuki’s status is unknown. Unfortunately, at the moment, we have no way of knowing if he will come back to life.

However! He receives first aid from heroes such as Best Jeanist and Edgeshot. Though it was stated his heart was damaged, and he had no pulse. The hero Edgeshot uses his Ultimate Move: Zenith, to turn himself into a thin thread to sew Katsuki’s heart back together. So, there is a slim chance he will come back to life!

The manga is focusing on the Todoroki family drama, and the entire Todoroki family is fighting against Dabi. So, there have been no updates about the Bakugo returning to life. However, as he is the other main protagonist of the story, it is unlikely that he will die. Though many fans speculate, Edgeshot will give up his life to save Katsuki. In doing this, Katsuki will absorb Edgeshot and gain another quirk.

With that, we conclude our guide on whether Bakugo will come back to life in My Hero Academia. If you enjoyed this guide, check out Who Killed Amamiya Gorou in Oshi no Ko?


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