Does Makima Hate Denji In Chainsaw Man?

does makima hate denji in chainsaw man

At the start of the Chainsaw Man anime and manga, it is clear that Denji has no support or family system. We often see him in the same dirty clothes and living in a run-down shack. With this information, we can see Denji is quite eager to make friends or have a family/ girlfriend. However, based on the events in the manga, his love interest soon betrays him. So, follow this guide to find out whether Makima does hate Denji in Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man – Does Makima hate Denji?

When Denji is at his lowest point, this is when Makima appears. When Makima first meets Denji, she can be seen staring at him with shock. At first glance, you would think it’s because of the horde of dead Devils Denji kills. However, she soon says something curious “You’ve got a strange smell.”

This hints at her Devil abilities; however, she then goes on to say, Denji is neither Human nor Devil. By this point, we can speculate that Makima already knows Denji is housing the Chainsaw Devil. You may be thinking, this means Makima doesn’t hate Denji in Chainsaw Man. However, this is where her elaborate plans come into place.

You see, although Makima was always generous with Denji, she never cared for him. Like many other Devils, Makima was always interested in Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil. This is because she admired him and planned to have the Pochita submit to her. If this did not work, you would prefer to be consumed by him.

Makima revealed all her plans to Denji after killing Power. She revealed that she only let him live to build a family bond with Aki and Power; all of this was done to make Denji fall in despair and break his contract with Pochita. It was also revealed during the Control Arc battle that Makima didn’t even bother to memorize Denji’s scent, thus allowing him to make the fatal blow. So, while Makima never cared for Denji, she didn’t particularly hate him either in Chainsaw Man.


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