How many Demon Swords does Asta own in Black Clover?

how many demon swords does asta have in black clover

In a world dominated by Magic, figuring out a way to fight when magicless is quite a struggle. Thankfully, Asta has been training his body for most of his life and thus has incredible physical strength. So, throughout the Black Clover series, instead of using Magic and spells, Asta will use Swords to battle. So, follow this guide to learn how many Demon Swords Asta owns in Black Clover.

Black Clover – How many Demon Swords does Asta own?

Since the beginning of Black Clover, Asta did not have any magic and thus could not perform spells or even own a grimoire. However, soon after the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony, Asta obtained a Five-Leaf Clover grimoire. Zagred corrupted this Grimoire and now is inhabited by Liebe and the source of Asta’s Anti Magic. As a result, Asta can now use four Demon Swords in his Grimoire.

The first Demon Sword Atsa can use the Demon-Slayer Sword. This is the first sword in Asta’s Grimoire and was the first summoned item Asta could use. This sword can deflect and reflect magic spells. After Asta has spent some time training in the Heart Kingdom and with other Black Bulls, he learns how to fly on the sword.

Next is the Demon-Dweller Sword. Asta will soon find this Anti Magic weapon in a hidden room within a dungeon treasury. However, only Asta and Licht can use this sword because it would deplete the magic reserves of others. As a result, this sword can cut through Magic and release projected slashes of Anti Magic.

The Demon-Destroyer Sword is another Demon Sword Asta found in a dungeon. This sword has a unique ability to be known as Causality Break, which can remove the aftereffect of spells and negate Magic.

The fourth Demon Sword is the Demon-Slasher Katana. This sword initially belonged to the Captain of the Black Bulls Yami. However, during the fight with Dante Zogratis, Yami lends his Katana to Asta, and thus, Asta’s devil arm coats it in Anti Magic. All of the Demon Swords Asta owns are stored in his Grimoire.


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