How many times has Big Mom been married in One Piece?

how many times has big mom been married in one piece

Little was known about her before anime enthusiasts were introduced to Big Mom during the Whole Cake Island arc. One thing that has always stood out about Big Mom is her number of children and husbands. So, if you want to learn more about Big Mom and her family, follow this guide. In this guide, we will detail how many times Big Mom has been married in One Piece.

One Piece – How many times has Big Mom been married?

Charlotte Linlin or as many pirates know her Big Mom is one o the former Four Emperors in the New World. As a result, many pirates, including the Straw Hats, often freak out if they hear a whisper of her name. However, many anime fans are curious to learn why Big Mom is called Big Mom. Though, it’s not because of her large size. It’s because Big Mom has been married 43 times.

Of course, there are a few reasons for this. However, due to her taking 43 husbands, she has given birth to 85 children in 42 years. However, the father’s children are not active in their lives. This is because once Big Mom has given birth, she wants nothing to do with the father. Big Mom will also encourage her children to kill them, as they are considered outsiders.

So, what are the reasons why Big Mom has so many children? The majority of her marriages include relations with powerful allies. Thus, Big Moms’ children become part of the Big Mom Pirates once they are born.

Another reason is that when Big Mom was younger, she was abandoned and taken in by an orphanage called Sheep’s House. In this orphanage, which Carmel, a child trafficker, ran, there are children of many different races. However, one day, all the children in the orphanage, including Carmel, had gone missing. So, we can theorize that Big Mom has so many husbands to recreate a utopia where all races can live in peace, just like she did in The Sheep’s House.

And that concludes our guide on how many times Big Mom has been married in One Piece. If you enjoyed this guide, you can also check out, Who owned Asta’s Grimoire in Black Clover?


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