Is Chobei and Toma in Hell’s Paradise related?

is chobei and toma in hell's paradise related?

You may have seen some of the Yamada Asaemon executioners get close to some of their prisoners. Though there may be an ulterior motive involved, this one may or may not shock you, and this one may genuinely give meaning to the term, blood is thicker than water! So, you have questions, and we have answers! Follow this guide to find out if Chobei and Toma are related in Hell’s Paradise.

Since the start of Jigokuraku, or Hell’s Paradise, we greet many criminals that have chosen to make their way to Shinsenkyo and be pardoned by the Shogun if they can obtain the Elixir of Life. Here we meet many eccentric characters and personalities; however, there may be one relationship you are curious about, Aza Chobei and Yamada Asaemon Toma.

For anime enthusiasts, you may be perplexed as to why Toma is assisting Chobei. For manga readers, you already know that Chobei and Toma are related and brothers. However, how did this come to be? We’ll give you a little backstory on their past and how they got into this situation.

Chobei and Toma were born to a retainer under the service of the Daimyo of Ako Domain, Asano Takunori. Unfortunately, after Asano attacked a court official in Edo Castle, he was to commit seppuku. Due to this, their father and the other retainers had their status removed and were now called ronin, and they now lived in poverty.

To make ends meet, Chobei and Toma were taken in by bandits who initially wanted to sell them. Unfortunately for them, Chobei soon became their leader. After a few years of living as a bandit, Chobei was captured. Toma was able to escape and vowed to free his brother from prison. Toma soon infiltrated the Yamada Clan and quickly rose in their ranks.

And with that, we conclude this guide on whether Chobei and Toma are related in Hell’s Paradise. If you like this guide, we have plenty more where that came from! Check out, Who Is Upper Moon One In Demon Slayer? or Attack On Titan – Is The Manga Complete?


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