Is Roronoa Zoro from Wano in One Piece?

is roronoa zoro from wano in one piece

Throughout the anime and manga, we soon learn more about the various members of the Straw Hat crew. However, a certain member with no sense of direction always seemed to be missing some information. This member is Roronoa Zoro, master swordsman in the Straw Hat Pirates. Thankfully, due to the Wano Arc, we have more information about his heritage. So, follow this guide to learn if Zoro is from Wano Country in One Piece.

One Piece – Is Roronoa Zoro from Wano Country?

We first meet Vice-captain and right-hand man Roronoa Zoro in the first episode of the famous One Piece anime. We have seen some of his backstories and where he learned his famous Santoryu (Three Sword Style). However, little is known about his parents or family history apart from learning that Zoro hails from East Blue. So, is Zoro from Wano? Yes and No, we’ll explain.

Throughout the anime, we have received snippets of Zoro’s heritage scattered throughout the Grand Line. Specifically, we meet a zombie samurai called Shimotsuki Ryuma in the Thriller Bark arc, who resembles Zoro. Though, at the time, many fans could write it off as a very convenient coincidence. Though it never left their mind! Once Zoro defeated Ryuma, he awarded him with the Shusui.

However, after the Straw Hats meet Kin’emon and go to Wano Country, more and more of Zoro’s heritage comes to light. They soon learn through Kin’emon that the Shimotsuki fled Wano to the East Blue, where they helped a village being attacked by bandits.

After this, they soon settled and named the Village Shimotsuki Village. This is where Zoro grew up and learned his swordsmanship. As such, Zoro is the direct descendant of Shimotsuki Ryuma. Zoro’s grandmother, Shimotsui Furiko, married a local swordsman named Roronoa Pinzoro and went on to have a son named Roronoa Arashi. Arashi then met Tera, a daughter of a group of bandits, and they had Zoro.

So, you can also guess that Kuina, Zoro’s childhood friend, is from the Shimotsuki clan; therefore, they are family! So while Zoro was born in East Blue, he is a descendant of Wano.

With that, we conclude this guide on whether Zoro is from Wano in One Piece. You can also check out Why can’t you cross the Calm Belt in One Piece?


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