What Are The Black Lines For In Mashle: Magic And Muscles

what are the black lines for in Mashle Magic and Muscles

The Mashle: Magic and Muscles has recently premiered, and you might want to know the Black Line on everyone’s face. Not to worry! Thankfully, we’re here to help you out. At the beginning of the anime, we learn that Magic is a vital part of everyday life. We often see the citizens and shop owners use Magic for mundane things like pouring a glass of water or carrying their bags. Want to find out what those Black Lines are? Follow this guide to learn what the Black Lines are for in Mashle: Magic and Muscles.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles – Why does everyone have Black Lines on their face?

So you might be wondering if there’s some sort of Magic system. Well, yes, kinda. In Mashle: Magic and Muscles, almost everyone is born with a Black Line on their face called a Magic Mark. This line symbolizes your ability to use Magic. The ability to use Magic is so integrated into everyday life that it’s believed to be a gift from god.

There are various types of Magic Marks, and individuals can have more than one. Most Magic users are born with one mark; however, some are born with two. The more marks you have, the more Magic power you can unleash. It is also said that individuals born with a second mark can awaken a Third Magic Mark.

And that’s it! We conclude our guide on Mashle: Magic and Muscles, why everyone has those Black Lines on their face. Do you want more action-packed magic anime? Check out Where Does JuJutsu Kaisen Anime End In The Manga? or The Eminence In Shadow Announces Second Season.


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