What is the Blue Spider Lily in Demon Slayer?

what is the blue spider lily in demon slayer

There would not be a Kimetsu no Yaiba series if Kibutsuji Muzan’s doctor did not give him a medicine containing Blue Spider Lily. So, after transforming into a Demon and being unable to endure the sunlight, Muzan set off on a mission to find a cure and the Lily. So, in this guide, we will detail what the Blue Spider Lily is and why Muzan is searching for it.

Demon Slayer – What is the Blue Spider Lily?

The Blue Spider Lily has been essential since the Demon Slayer anime and manga began. The show even went as far as to place a Red Spider Lily in the outro of Season 1. If you didn’t know, the Lily was used as a medicine to cure Muzan as a young child.

Unfortunately, the medicine was still in the experimental stage when Muzan killed his doctor for turning him into a Demon. Moreover, the Lily is a flower that blooms two to three times a year and only during the daytime. Hence, Muzan and his horde of Demons could not find it.

The reason why Muzan has been desperately looking for a cure is to step into the sunlight once more finally. However, if he did not kill the Kamado family, he would have been able to achieve his goal. It is believed that Tanjiro’s mother, Kamado Kie, knows where the Lily bloomed. We are also led to believe that Kie enjoys cooking various foods. Therefore, we can theorize that she made a Spider Lily dish, which is why Tanjiro and Nezuko have immunity to the sun.

And that’s it! With that, we conclude our guide on what is the Blue Spider Lily in Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer. If you enjoyed this guide, we have plenty more on various topics that you can enjoy. Check out, What’s the difference between a Fiend and a Hybrid in Chainsaw Man?


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