What is the Rarest Grimoire in Black Clover?

what is the rarest grimoire in black clover

Grimoires are an essential part of life in the world of Black Clover. It shows your status, personality, and at times what kind of magic power you have. As a result, it’s not uncommon for many individuals to want a powerful grimoire during the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony when they are fifteen. So, you might be wondering, if you want to be the strongest, what kind of Grimoire should you have? Follow this guide to learn what the rarest Grimoire is in Black Clover.

Black Clover – What is the rarest Grimoire?

In the magical world of Black Clover, your Grimoire is everything and tells the next person your power level and your capabilities. As a result, there are two tiers of grimoires, Three-Leaf Clover and Four-Leaf Clover. The rarest Grimoire found in the Black Clover anime is the Four-Leaf Clover grimoire.

Grimoires are magical books of an individual’s mana and will enhance their abilities. These grimoires are mainly empty when the owner first receives them. Through much skill, talent, and training, the owner of the Grimoire can develop more spells.

The Three-Leaf Clover grimoire is much more common among the citizens in the four Kingdoms, Heart, Spade, Clover, and Diamond. Each clover on the Grimoire symbolizes Faith, Hope, and Love. Whereas the Four-Leaf Clover symbolizes Good Luck.

Only a few individuals have been able to summon a Four-Leaf Clover Grimoire throughout Black Clover. However, only those from royal or powerful bloodlines (such as the elves) can manifest a Four-Leaf Clover. This does not mean Three-Leaf Clovers are not powerful; however, it makes a big difference if you are born into a royal bloodline.

And with that, we conclude this guide on the rarest Grimoire in Black Clover. If you enjoyed this guide, we have plenty more in our inventory! Check out Black Clover Announces Movie: Sword Of The Wizard King Will Receive Two Novel Adaptations


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