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The Rigtheous Three-Episode-Rule Of Doom. Summer 2014 “First” Impressions: Aldnoah.Zero.

12h ago - And here we one of the three season-favourites: Aldnoah.Zero, brought to you by the Urobuchi and... | Anime

The Rigtheous Three-Episode-Rule Of Doom. Summer 2014 “First” Impressions: DRAMAtical Murder.

12h ago - I’ll have the courtesy of not making this a rant over the God awful and lazy animation of this show. | Anime

[Spoilers] Edge of Tomorrow and All You Need Is Kill ~ A Rant About Why Hollywood Sucks

16h ago - Initially, my impressions of Edge of Tomorrow after having watched the film were fairly positive.... | Culture

Kamen Rider W Returns Accel Review

18h ago - The third FP review of the week takes us back into tokusatsu territory; in perticular the V-Cinem... | Anime

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Episode 3 Impressions: Akame ga Kill! | Otaku Spirit

18h ago - There’s no doubt about it: Tatsumi is shaping up to be a splendid assassin. That much is certain... | Anime

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 3 – Taking Action, Creating Hope

1d 16h ago - Another entry in my note-taking and thought-jotting series of posts on currently running shows. T... | Anime

The Rigtheous Three-Episode-Rule Of Doom. Summer 2014 “First” Impressions: Barakamon

1d 23h ago - Barakamon is the fluffiest, most light-hearted and pure anime you’ll see this season, perhaps the... | Anime

Hipster Recommendation #11: Gankutsuou.

1d 23h ago - It took me no less than two months to finish this 25-episode series. Why? Well, for one I was suf... | Anime

[Heartless Aniblog] First Impressions: Glasslip, Ao Haru Ride & Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun

2d ago - The summer season is upon us and I am late as usual. Attempting to catch up on this season's anim... | Anime

Episode 2 Impressions: Sailor Moon Crystal | Otaku Spirit

2d ago - After many misinformed individuals had to deal with a no-show last week for their expected Sailor... | Anime

Episode 3 Impressions: Sword Art Online II | Otaku Spirit

2d ago - Otaku Spirit: "With the arrival of a new character in the Sword Art Online series comes a bit of... | Anime

Episode 3 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero | Otaku Spirit

2d ago - Following the death of a beloved friend and the utterly dire situation they have been put into, I... | Anime

Akame ga Kill: Episode 3 — Twin-Tailed Tsunderes Suck

2d ago - Mr. Flaw rips into the latest installment of the anime community's newly hyped show. | Anime

The Rigtheous Three-Episode-Rule Of Doom. Summer 2014 “First” Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul.

3d ago - I feel like Tokyo Ghoul is what Pupa should have been: Atmospheric, dark and taken seriously. | Anime

Sword Art Online II: 03 - JapanDere

3d ago - This week we meet Asade Shino, (real world Sinon) a quite, meek and at first glance underwhelming... | Anime

Zankyou no Terror Episode 2 Notes – Lose Attachments; Obtain Riddles

3d ago - Another entry in my note-taking and thought-jotting series of posts on currently running shows. T... | Anime

Sailor Moon Crystal 02 – Mercury

3d ago - Sailor Mercury. She is a genius, She is cute, She is sort of shy…She is perfect! | Anime

Ten anime that need either a reboot or a new season

3d ago - Anime series have been getting new reboots, new series or continuations as of late, the most rece... | Anime

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun 02 – Meeting the heroines

3d ago - Another great episode. It got my attention. If you like odd characters and good comedy, this is t... | Anime

Episode 3 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul | Otaku Spirit

3d ago - We left off last week with Kaneki still being rather clueless as to where he goes from here. We a... | Anime

Persona4 The Golden Animation - 02 | JapanDere

4d ago - KAWAII, it’s so cute how Marie gets all worked up and embarrassed over her poetry despite the fac... | Anime

Episode 2 Impressions: Terror in Resonance | Otaku Spirit

4d ago - Despite Lisa being told that she can no longer return to her life, it seems that Nine and Twelve... | Anime

Fate Kaleid Liner PRISMA ILYA 2wei! 02 – Ilya vs Ilya

4d ago - This episode was virtually off the charts in terms of awesomeness. That kiss, damn it! What the h... | Anime

Weekly Comments #2: It’s Never What It Looks Like.

4d ago - Your childhood sweetheart is a dude, gays have girlfriends, girlfriends have girlfriends, the de... | Anime

Musings on Antagonistic Relationships in Anime

4d ago - Mr. Flawfinder gives his thoughts on antagonistic relationships in anime compared to the 2004 mov... | Anime
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