Our Dating Story Release window, Cast, and Theme songs

our love story release window cast theme song

There’s nothing wrong with a little romance anime here or there, and Our Dating Story will be coming to viewers soon. The anime will be full of shenanigans, as our inexperienced male lead will have to navigate the dating scene with the experienced Runa. Follow this guide to learn about Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and Inexperienced Me, Kimizero release window, cast, and theme songs.

The release window, cast, and theme songs for Our Dating Story

Are you seeking a new romance anime after the conclusion of My Love Story with Yamada-kun Lv999? Well, look no further because Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and The Inexperienced Me, Kimizero, is coming this fall. The release window for the anime Our Dating Story is the Fall season, October 2023. Watch the main PV (Promotional Video) on the official Our Dating Story Twitter account.

The Opening theme for Our Dating Story is Love You Tender by Maaya Uchida, and the Ending theme is Ai Kotoba by AliA.

The cast for Our Dating Story is as follows:

  • Oonishi Saori as Shirakawa Runa
  • Hanae Natsuki as Kashima Ryuuto
  • Fukuhara Ayaka as Yamana Nikoru
  • Maeno Tomoaki as Sekiya Shuugo
  • Sakaguchi Daisuke as Nishina Ren
  • Ochiai Fukushi as Ijichi Yuusuke
  • Kusunoki Tomori as Tanikita Akari
  • Koga Aoi as Kurose Maria

Curious to learn what Our Dating Story is about? The story follows Kashima Ryuuto, who can be seen as a gloomy high schooler. So, as part of a punishment game, he is tasked to confess his feelings to the most popular girl in high school, Shirakawa Runa.

Of course, instead of rejecting him, she agrees, and the two become a couple, much to the shock of their friends. The anime will have romance, school life, and slice-of-life elements.

And with that, we conclude this guide on Our Dating Story release window, cast, and theme songs. We hope you enjoyed this guide because we have plenty more where that came from. Check out New Panty and Stocking, Mushoku Tensei, and Black Butler.


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