Black Butler releases Key Visual and Release Window

kuroshitsuji black bulter releases key visual and release window

We’re sure all anime enthusiasts are celebrating the news of a new anime adaptation of Black Bulter. With plenty of magnetic elements, various twists, and devasting turns, Black Bulter has been a fan favorite since the manga was serialized in 2006. Though it has been over a decade, there is no rest for those in the Phantomhive manor. So, follow this guide to learn more about Black Bulter releasing a Key Visual and release window for the upcoming anime.

Kuroshitsuji: Black Butler (Shin Series) releases Key Visual and Release Window

During its peak when the anime first aired in 2008, the Black Butler was and still is greatly received by anime enthusiasts. At the recent Anime Expo 2023, at the Crunchyroll Industry Panel, they announced the 6th anime adaptation of Black Butler. On the official Black Butler Twitter account, they announced a new Key Visual and release window for 2024.

It will also feature the original cast, Sakamoto Maaya (Ciel Phantomhive) and Ono Daisuke (Sebastian Michaelis).

The tale follows a young boy named Ciel Phantomhive and his mysterious Butler, Sebastian, who seems good at everything. However, though you may think it’s an anime about high society, you will be wrong. The anime and manga are much darker than you think.

You can expect many supernatural elements from Demons, Werewolves, and Grim Reapers. The anime follows Ciel and Sebastian as they look for clues about the Cult that murdered his family. Along the way, the teen will begin working for the Queen and complete various tasks. However, as the series marches on, more confusing twists and turns emerge.
And that’s it! With that, we conclude our guide on Kuroshitsuji: Black Butler (Shin Series), releasing a Key Visual and release window for the upcoming anime. If you enjoyed this guide, we have more on the way! Check out Solo Leveling, Attack on Titan, and Suicide Squad Isekai.


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