Solo Leveling Anime Releases New Trailer

solo leveling releases new trailer for anime

There has always been something special about an anime that includes an underdog. Even more so when that person gains powers far beyond human comprehension. As a result, Solo Leveling is a Manhwa about the accumulation of power and what one will do if there are no limits to it. With plenty of action, even more comedy Solo Leveling is set to be a game-changer. This guide will detail more about Solo Leveling releasing a new trailer.

Solo Leveling releases a new trailer for the upcoming anime

Solo Leveling is one of the top Manhwa and is currently ranked first on the My Anime List Manhwa ranking. With plenty of action, a dashing male protagonist, and a storyline with many twists and turns, it was no surprise that the Manhwa would receive an anime adaptation. Therefore, the Solo Leveling anime is set to release in January 2024. Additionally, on the official Solo Leveling Twitter account, they released a new trailer to commemorate the release window.

Over the past few years, Manhwa has become increasingly popular. Some famous names are Solo Leveling, Who Made Me a Princess, and The Horizon. As a result of this popularity, these Korean comics have slowly been adapted into anime, with famous names such as Tower of God, Lookism, and now Solo Leveling.

The original Manhwa follows the main protagonist Sung Jin-Woo, the World’s Weakest Hunter. After he, along with various companions, took on a mission in a dungeon, he encountered the Architect. However, what they first considered a normal D-rank dungeon, turned into a slaughterhouse.

After Jin-woo survives his encounter with the Architect, he unlocks a magical System. Through this System, Jin-woo can unlock abilities never seen before.

And with that, we conclude this guide on Solo Leveling, releasing a new trailer for its upcoming anime. If you enjoyed this guide, we have plenty more in store. Check out, Beastars, Suicide Squad Isekai, and Record of Ragnarok.


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