Beastars Final Season is Scheduled for 2024

beastars final season

Beastars is undoubtedly an anime that will leave you with many questions. However, a love story between two opposites is something everyone can get behind, from dealing with prejudice between carnivores and herbivores to battling your instincts of eating your beloved. Learn more about Beastars Final Season, which is scheduled for 2024.

The Final Season of Beastars is Scheduled for 2024

After a successful first and second season, Beastars is finally obtaining a sequel to end the love story between Legoshi and Haru. Beastars is one of the popular 3D animations from Studio Orange that has made groundbreaking accomplishments with 3D rendering. During the Anime Expo 2023, Netflix has been one of many studios that have revealed some upcoming projects to be released within the year and the next. One is Beastars Final Season; Netflix announced the release window, which is scheduled for 2024.

Beastars is an anime about civilized sociality of anthropomorphic animals. As you can expect, in an animal society, some tensions can be high, especially regarding the animal kingdom’s hierarchy. These animals live in a world where it’s taboo to eat meat and give in to their animal instincts.

Thus comes Legoshi and Haru. Legoshi is a male gray wolf and a carnivore, while Haru is a pure white dwarf rabbit. Due to a few events, they too soon become enamored with each other, but they have a few hurdles to jump over for obvious reasons. While love has blossomed between the two, they must deal with and suppress their inner animal instincts. Will the two lovers finally become one? Or will Legoshi’s instincts take hold of him?

And with that, we conclude this guide on the Final Season of Beastars which is scheduled for 2024. Did you enjoy this guide? If yes, we have plenty more that may pique your interest. Check out, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, or Hell’s Paradise.


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