Unnamed Memory Key Visual and release window

unnamed memory key visual release window

The Witch at the top of the tower is no damsel in distress but rather the one causing some stress! Unnamed Memory is a refreshing romance Light Novel set to release in 2023. However, it has now been pushed back due to a few issues. So, to learn more about the anime, follow this guide on the key visual and release window for Unnamed Memory.

A new Key Visual and release window revealed for Unnamed Memory

A prince cursed at a young age has been looking for a witch to cure him. The adaptation of the famous Light Novel Unnamed Memory was scheduled to release in 2023. However, developers have pushed back the anime due to a production delay. As a result, the release window for Unnamed Memory will broadcast in 2024. The second Teaser Visual was unveiled at Dengeki Bunko 30th Summer Festival Online 2023.

On the official Unnamed Memory Twitter account, they released a new teaser PV (promotional video) for the upcoming anime adaptation.

What is Unnamed Memory about?

Unnamed Memory starts with a cursed prince named Oscar entering a tall tower with an attendant named Razel. Oscar is seeking the power of the Witch of the Azure Moon, Tinasha. In the hopes of her magic and breaking the curse that will kill any woman, he takes her as his wife.

However, they soon learn she does not have the power he seeks yet. So, the Witch and the Prince form a contract. This contract states that Tinasha will live in the Farseth castle for one year; in that year, they hope to break the curse. Of course, after Oscar learns Tinasha is not affected by his curse, he also suggests she stays with him as his wife. To which she obviously declines. Therefore, the two set out on a journey to find a cure and unravel the Witch of the Azure Moon’s secrets.

That’s it! With that, we conclude this guide on Unnamed Memory receiving a new Key Visual and release window. If our new guides piqued your interest, we also cover other topics! Check out Demon Slayer, Chainsaw Man, and My Hero Academia.


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