Who Are The Four Horsemen In Chainsaw Man?

who are the four horsemen in chainsaw man

Throughout the anime and manga, Chainsaw Man has introduced a slew of characters, including human and Devil. However, you may have already guessed that there is a hierarchy at work. Of course, you’ll get your average joe Devils; however, there are some working behind the scenes. So, follow this guide to learn who are the Four Horsemen in Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man – Who are the Four Horsemen

There are plenty of powerful Devils in Chainsaw Man. All Devils are born in Hell and are given a name at birth. This name embodies the humanities fears; for example, there are Devils such as the Cucumber and Tomato Devil. (For those who hate their veggies!)

You also have Devils who are literally the embodiment of fear, such as the Primal Devils. These Devils are ancient and all-powerful, such as the Darkness Devil and Falling Devil. However, are there Devils who exist between the average and ancient? If you said yes, you are correct! They are the Four Horsemen Devils in Chainsaw Man.

The Four Horsemen comprise the Control, War, Famine, and Death Devil. As you can probably already guess, these Devils are made up of the most sinister fears ever known to humanity. While these Devils don’t particularly work together or like each other, they can wound even the most powerful Devil in Chainsaw Man when they come together. Based on the Control Devil Arc, we can expect each of these Four Horsemen to be as powerful as Makima, although the War Devil has suffered significant injuries from the fight with the Chainsaw Man.

In the first season of Chainsaw Man, we meet Makima, the Control Devil, during the Public Safety Saga. In the manga, we meet the War Devil and Famine Devil during the Academy Saga. While the Death Devil has been mentioned a few times throughout the manga, the Devil has yet to make its debut. Of course, when you have Devils that literally embody War and Famine, you can probably guess they’re working towards some type of calamity (intentional or not).


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