Who Kills Makima in Chainsaw Man?

who kills makima in chainsaw man?

Makima has always been a unique and mysterious character in Chainsaw Man. This is especially so when we see her survive getting shot during the Katana Man Arc. In addition, she has always been a curious character, not only because of her personality but also because she’s a Devil. So, in this guide, we’ll explain a little more about her and who kills Makima in Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man – Who kills Makima?

Makima has strange and unique eyes in Chainsaw Man; with this information, you can already guess that she’s hiding something. During the Katana Man Arc, we see her get shot in the head, only to stand up entirely unharmed. But, of course, this is not something that kills Makima because she is the Control Devil in Chainsaw Man.

As the Control Devil, she is part of the Four Horseman; they are a group of power Devils that can remember the names of Devils eaten by the Chainsaw Devil. Due to this, they are also extremely powerful, and it is also believed they can fight with even footing against the Primal Fears.

Makima, as the Control Devil, is thus very powerful. She can force humans to make contracts with her. For example, she has “immortality” because she made a contract with the Prime Minister of Japan. Each time Makima is killed, a random person in Japan takes the fall for her.

Control Devil Arc

During the arc, she reveals to Denji that she never cared about him. Ultimately, she plans to give Denji a family unit and kill them. All of this was done to make Denji despair and break his contract with Pochita.

We soon learn that Makima is a Chainsaw Devil fanatic; her reasons for wanting him are to control him or have him eat her. Because of this, she rounds up various Weapon Devils to beat Denji and get control of Pochita.

This then leads to a massive battle in which Denji fights Reze, Quanxi, and Katana Man, who were all presumed dead. During this fight, Denji and Pochita can separate. Makima, believing she was fighting both of them, overpowered Pochita and cut him out of “Denji’s” heart.

However, as she is walking away, Denji, in his human body, walks up to her a kills Makima with a Chainsaw infused with Power’s blood. After which, Denji thrusts Pochita back into his heart. However, as we know, Makima can regenerate. So, to prevent this from happening, Denji eats Makima.

And that’s it! With that, we conclude our guide on who kills Makima in Chainsaw Man. If you like this guide, you can also check out Who Killed The Gun Devil In Chainsaw Man?


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