Does Deku become a villain in My Hero Academia?

does deku become a villain in my hero academia

Midoriya Izuku has always been My Hero Academia’s resident cinnamon roll. His go-getter attitude and striving to become the greatest Hero are easily why many fans adore him as a character. However, like many people, he will find ways to improve things when the burden becomes too much. Unfortunately, this does not always mean it will work. So, follow this guide to learn what happens to Deku and if he will become a Villain in My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia – Does Deku become a Villain?

Throughout My Hero Academia, Midoriya Izuku, known by his hero name Deku, has always been on the side of righteousness. So, where did things go wrong, and will Deku become a Villain? The answer is No; Deku will not become a villain but an anti-hero for a brief period.

After the Paranormal Liberation War Arc events, we learn more about Tomura. After this arc, we will enter the Dark Hero Arc, where we will see Deku working as an underground Hero, similar to Erasehead. This will happen because many top villains will escape prison after the Paranormal Liberation War arc. However, the reasons for his going this route will concern many of his close friends and family.

As you may have already known, Deku has the quirk One for All and is the target of the villain All for One. Because of this, he will put those near him in danger, as Tomura will always try to find him. However, to prevent this from happening, Deku goes dark and begins to live in the shadows of the Hero Society. He will then become a shadow of him, working day and night to protect citizens from the escaped villains.

However, thanks to his friends at UA and Katsuki, they were able to bring him back to safety and put an end to his rebellious phase.

And with that, we conclude this guide on whether Deku will become a villain in My Hero Academia. If you liked this guide, we have plenty more on other topics! Check out, Why does Inosuke not have a Crow in Demon Slayer?


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