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New Toonami Anime Ranks #1 in Young Adult Demographics

The TV by the Numbers television analysis website reported that the Deadman Wonderland and Casshern Sins anime series ranked #1 among certain young adult viewership demographics during the Adult Swim channel's premiere of the revived Toonami block last Saturday.

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prettygirl12342187d ago

It just did ok well they could put commercials on it. They got there thing so low. And not every one really believed it was comming Bk. Cartoonnetwork could show a commercial on random Tv channels but adult swim didn't.

Lavalamp2187d ago

The ratings don't seem to be high enough to please Jason DeMarco. The dude expects double what it got on its premiere and for that to be maintained over the season. I really wish they didn't use the Nielsen rating system.

D3acon2186d ago

I really like it I would like to see more of the anime mixes and promos. One thing I was and still concerned is the line up. I was hopping for anime that was nit readily available like deadman wonderland. Getting dubbed anime in the states will go a very long way. Personally if they had the budget I would have included death note. Hopefully they will gwt me into cashern

TheColbertinator2185d ago

Some promotion might help.Most people still didn't know about it.