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Dragon Ball Z: Project Super Saiyan (live action video)

"As you’ll see in the video, we first start off by looking at Goku charging up, intensely. With the power he possesses and strength he emits, the environment around him slowly begins to change." (Anime, Culture, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z)

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Amber360  +   909d ago
6 pack for the win.
BarbWire  +   909d ago
Plus one for nerds with abs!
AzadFujishima  +   909d ago
Anthonynoonz  +   909d ago
Ill never know how people get the time of day to make these kind of things but impressive change. How long did it take you? I guess if your gonna work out you might as well do something fun with it.
JeromeRichfield  +   909d ago
Now he should turn into Buu and get fat.
RobinGB  +   909d ago
Lucretia  +   908d ago
this was horrible wtf was that
Azurite  +   908d ago
I feel like such a nerd saying this but Goku's Instant Transmission (1:10) doesn't work that way. :)
rydek  +   908d ago
Goku didn't wear red. And why didn't they just use the narrator from the anime. :L Huh i could go on.
an0nym0us  +   908d ago
didn't see the video... but.... British Goku FTW!!!
DG90  +   908d ago
Need a girlfriend.... Or a job.
2pacalypsenow  +   908d ago
Not blonde enough it looks green
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Neko_Mega  +   908d ago
Ok, now Super Saiyans have green hair. Ok This could have been better, but it wasn't as bad as most.
Qbanj69  +   908d ago
More happened in this 2 minute clip than a whole DBZ 30 min episode.

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