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One Piece Film Z - Luffy and Crew in Color

Anime-style images of the characters from the movie.

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tayz2168d ago

Nami-swaaaaaaaaaaan <3 her skirt is soo short it would be illegal if she was real. lol


nami is my mine fuyiko
and robin is my onee-sama

mt2168d ago

I like nico robin but with all the respect she looks like a whore with that outfit.

deep_fried_bum_cake2168d ago

Well she always looks sorta whorey (very cleavage clothing) which is weird as she is supposed to be one of the more sensible members of the crew. But, hey, that's fan service for you.

Simon_Brezhnev2167d ago

Yeah they defiled my Nico. LOL

smashcrashbash2168d ago

Hey watch who you are calling a whore. That is one of my main leading anime ladies you are talking about there.

r212167d ago

nice beard usopp XD and robin's outfit looks like one of them gals from onechanbara XD cant wait to see what the movie will be about :D