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Hunter x Hunter Movie release date and more details revealed

Luke Halliday writes:

"In some breaking news for Hunter x Hunter fans, the previously announced movie based upon the animated series of Hunter x Hunter has now gotten a title, release date and it’s plot detailed."

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futurefrog2074d ago

atleast togashi is writing it

badboy992074d ago

didn no there was a hxh movie cool

futurefrog2074d ago

yeah it looks like it will be awesome too

koga882074d ago

That's pretty interesting that they are creating a full-fledged original story for the movie. I wonder if writing the story and working on the movie is why Togashi went on hiatus again...

Simon_Brezhnev2074d ago

Yeah im wondering if this is why he went on Hiatus. I hope it comes back soon. They finally show Kurapika and boom on break. lol

LinkageAX2074d ago

Dude this is so awesome, can't wait!

badboy992074d ago

yeah me to fave arc is york new city what is yours

masterabbott2074d ago

Hunter XXX Hunter !! w00t thisi s going to be awesome!