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Top 7 Most ROMANTIC ANIME ever made

These are quite possibly the most Romantic Anime ever made.

For those of you who think Anime Romance can't be taken seriously when compared to few of the Blockbuster movies or tv shows, think again.

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geniusgamerdoc1746d ago

CLANNAD After Story takes the Crown for me, being more of a Moe-cum-emotional experience.

shreeveera1746d ago

I go with kimi ga nozomu eien. Hands down

Dark_Overlord1745d ago

Ha ha ha

I remember that being very romantic lol :D


i know right? 8D it brought tears to everyone in the show

ps4me1746d ago

Tsubasa MANGA is better than the Anime...

geniusgamerdoc1746d ago

Is it?
Is the Manga still Ongoing?

CrescentFang1745d ago

Ended around 2009. I was reading it as well and I did like it more than the anime, however I didn't finish reading it either

Vlaitor1745d ago

Without a doubt Fist of the North Star !


chadwarden1745d ago

Whats the anime in the picture above?

wishingW3L1745d ago

based on the art-style I'd say that's an eroge... But you can save the picture and do a google search with it to find from where it comes from.

RockmanII71745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

It's a game, and wishingW3L was right it is a eroge. Here's a trailer for it.

pompombrum1745d ago

Maison Ikkoku shouldn't really be on that list.. from a romance stand point it's way too drawn out and never seen misunderstandings get so abused in a story before.

I agree with the top 2 nominations though and think Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien is amazing and one of the few mature takes on a love triangle.

I think ef tale of memories and Bokura Ga Ita both deserve mentions and would be in my top 6 list.

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