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Namco Bandai: New Naruto Storm 3 Info Coming Soon

Storm 3 fans, the drought of news and scans may soon be over.

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tayz1867d ago

yahoooo! i been waiting for something good forever! hope this is it!!!

Raikirii1867d ago

Me too. Tayz, what do you think of Tobi's identity? I'm just waiting for that damn explanation :|

tayz1867d ago

lol kishimoto trolled us! i think that isnt his true identity!

pompombrum1867d ago

Tbh I don't think it is a troll.. providing he can explain the one big plot hole, it actually makes a lot of sense.. if you watch a certain two episodes back can see how it's possible.

Biohazard88601867d ago

Hoping they show how Zetsu plays as a playable fighter.

ShoryukenII1867d ago

New characters to show for TGS? The last thing that we need is see Mifune, Hanzo and Darui filling up demo space when we have already seen them fight.

Shadonic1867d ago

I want some significant changes and actual new additions besides characters.