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Final Impressions: Hyouka | Japanator

Marcus Speer:

Like most anime that are set and based in high school, Hyouka ends with a proclamation of love. But similar to most other Kyoto Animation titles, it's a lot sweeter and quieter than, say, a boy screaming it from the rooftops.

Treating every problem problem as a mystery in this series turned me off initially. My sense of believably can only go so far, and I can't believe that normal high school students can willingly participate in meaningless "mysteries". It seemed just too... corny, you know? Then after a few episodes, I started to ease up. More weeks went by, and slowly I eased up, before it dawned on me while watching episode eight.

Just like how Nichijou took an extreme to celebrate the ordinary, and how K-On! re-ignited a craze that kept certain people interested long enough to cute girls doing mundane things all day, Hyouka builds upon that by taking the typically dark mystery genre and throws a new spin on it by applying it to boring, everyday life.

If anything, it gets me motivated to find some of my own mysteries to solve...

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