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Sword Art Online 14: The End of the World

From "Sword Art Online Episode 14 is now available. It seems that I was a little bit inaccurate on my spoiler below. But generally the out come is the same. Kirito defeated Heathcliff a.k.a Kayaba Akihiko and cleared the game. Surprisingly, Kirito was able to defeat him so easily at the cost of his life. Heathcliff was caught off guard. I think there was a percentage that Akihiko let Kirito win. After so many months of being trapped in SAO, Kirito awakens in a very weak state and now his off to find Asuna. Next episode is entitled “The Return”. This gives us an idea that Kirito and Asuna might return to VRMMORPG. Perhaps not in SAO but in ALfheim Online."

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