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Anime Weekend Atlanta: Pokemon vs. Digimon

Aidan "Rogueport Wizard" Moore:

Anime Weekend Atlanta was in town last week: a three day convention concerning pretty much anything having to do with anime, and more importantly gaming. And on day one I certainly learned my lesson about getting to panels early when I show up on Friday just in time to miss ‘Video Game Wasteland’. However, I did show up in time for:

The Great Debate: Pokemon vs. Digimon

Walking into the room, such a battle seemed to be no contest; seeing as the Pokemon franchise added another title o its list just yesterday, for Digimon‘s sake let’s hope it wasn’t a popularity contest. And it turned out to be anything but that. Digimon fans didn’t seem to have any trouble ripping Pokemon a new one, and by the end of it all, I was thoroughly convinced of Digimon‘s unique quality.

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