Masashi Kishimoto Sketches Naruto

The creator of Naruto draws the titular character.

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tayz2079d ago

i wonder how long it really takes him to make one manga

Xof2077d ago

Naruto is a weekly manga so... about a week.

Mangaka are notorious overworked and underpaid. Only a handful are talented enough to earn enough money and respect to set their own hours.

Some things to keep in mind:

1. You know how there's not always a new chapter of a manga every week/month? That's because the mangaka is on break.

2. It's not a solitary effort. Novice mangaka may work "mostly" alone, but they still have two or three assistants to handle things like inking in the details. Fun fact: ever wonder why Goku went Super Saiyajin? It's because Toriyama promised his assistants he'd change Goku's hair color to so that they wouldn't have to ink it in all the time on every page. (Blond hair is white in manga). Ever wonder why there end up being so many super saiyajins, or why the story starts to focus more on them than other characters later on? Well, that's why, too. Toriyama spent so many years (decades?) of his life on that thing he was dead tired of it in that last quarter.

Which is one of the reasons why he stopped drawing manga, period, afterward--and why it's only very recently that he's mustered up the willpower to return to DB. Read some interviews. It's interesting stuff.

And since I've already touched on one of the "big three great mangaka" (Toriyama Akira / Takahashi Rumiko / Adachi Mitsuru) I'll also go ahead and mention that Adachi frequently uses his narrator to complain about deadlines, or to comment on re-using the same art multiple times, and often literally draws himself into the manga in a self-deprecating manner, often running away or being berated by an editor.

It's a hard life.

2. What's in a manga? Panels, characters, background. Newbies typically draw simpler manga because they don't have the staff to do more complicated stuff, so if you look at your favorite mangaka's earlier work you'll probably see somewhat simpler character designs and REALLY simple backgrounds. Often, the mangaka of a given work won't draw most of the backgrounds, and just leave that up to the assistants.

And that's assuming the backgrounds are drawn at all. If you've ever looked up close at any of Akamatsu Ken's manga, for example, you'll notice that there's a thin outline around all of the characters--the ink of the character art never touches the background art. Why is this? He actually uses computer software to design the background in 3D, and can then create a background image at whichever camera angle he likes. Many mangaka use digital art like this to save time, particularly when dealing with archetypal settings and objects--everything from feudal Japan to kotatsu.

RurouniKaze2074d ago

that was rather educational

RurouniKaze2077d ago

Manga creators are really talented

deep_fried_bum_cake2077d ago

I know. People who can draw so easily like this amaze me. I draw like a 5 year old who only has 2 fingers.