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Fall 2012 First Thoughts | Nihon Review

Nihon Review: "I ask you, has there ever been so much hype, for so many shows, in a single season thus far in history? You have hyped shows based on acclaimed novels, such as Shinsekai Yori. You have hyped shows based on popular manga, such as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Magi; hyped shows based on preseasonal controversy, such as Little Busters!, Chuunibyou, and To-Love-Ru: Darkness. You have hyped shows based on previous works by creative minds, such as Urobouchi Gen’s Psycho-Pass; hyped shows based on previous existing series, with sequels for Hayate no Gotoku and Seitokai no Ichizon. Try as I might, I cannot recall another season that had such an amazing load of shows that have already created such high expectations.

In the end, though, hype is hype. As is usually said in reply to someone promotes themselves, “put up or shut up.” Here, we at The Nihon Review take a preliminary gander at the current season to see just how much “putting up” is being “put forth”."

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