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Creating the Perfect Naruto Fighting Game

Player Essence's Furious Francis writes: "I am a huge Naruto fan. I’ve been watching the show since 2007 and love every bit of it. Unfortunately the Naruto video games do not touch the level of quality the anime displays. Sure, if you’re a Naruto fan, playing Ultimate Ninja 2 is going to be fun, but the games lack the depth and strategy other fighting games have. Even a party game like Smash Bros has more skill involved with the battle system than most Naruto games. The Clash of Ninja Revolution games do a decent job of building a Tekken or Street Fighter type of game but ultimately fall short because of balancing, shallow depth, and button mashing tendencies. In this article, were going to discuss my vision for a perfect Naruto game. This Perfect Naruto game will not only be accurate to the anime, but will also have deep fighting game mechanics that actually takes skill to master."

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