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Bleach Chapter 513 Review: Is Ichigo A Multiracial Being?!

From "Bleach chapter 513 was released recently and this chapter made some shocking revelations about Ichigo. Is Ichigo A Multiracial Being?! Find out here..."

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Lord_Sloth2063d ago

Ichigo is a walking Deus Ex Machina.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2063d ago

So Shingami, hollow, fullbring, now Quincy powers. Its getting a little crazy. I just want a proper back story on his new Quincy abilities. Maybe Ichigo's mom was a Quincy?!

Simon_Brezhnev2063d ago

Yeah thats what they think on the forum that his mom might been a Quincy


the way i see it , his John Connor

crxss2062d ago

ichigo's mom was a... wait for it... human!

Simon_Brezhnev2062d ago

and most quincy's now are humans LOL

jerethdagryphon2062d ago

ichigos mom was human his dad was a fauzx bodied shinigame he was attacked by a hollow as a child i think

and im guessing one of his grandparents was quincy

VanguardOfCalamity2062d ago

my guess is that Uryū and Ryūken had something to do with getting Inchigo out of Kirge's Jail and saving Kisuke Urahara (if I remember correctly they haven't said who that was yet) and the blut vene has something to do with them - cause Inchigo's mom is human :D - or not and my whole idea breaks down... but I feel like Uryū and Ryūken gotta show up soon...given the people that are involved at this point

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