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Fafner: Heaven and Earth is now being streamed officially

If you are actually there, then you are one of the lucky people that will get to see FUNimation's dub of Fafner: Heaven and Earth on Youtube. In case this is your first time hearing about the anime's sequel, Fafner: Heaven and Earth takes place two years after the ending of the original series as Kazuki encounters a mysterious character that's connected to Soushi's whereabouts.

Not only does the movie follow up on the original series, but viewers are also treated to some higher quality battles between the Festum and the Fafner units.

And before you consider holding out on watching this stream, keep in mind that it will vanish at the end of this weekend, since its purpose is to promote the Blu-ray/DVD combo for the movie. In order to make it easy for you guys, you can check out the FUNimation stream of the entire movie in the section after the jump.

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