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Top 9 Anime Situations That Seem Likely to Happen, but Never Do


How many times have you ever been running to school late in the morning, rushing to get to class before the bell rings, only to turn the corner and bump into someone of the opposite sex, who you consequently fall in love with?

If your answer is more than “none,” chances are you’re either an anime character or an extremely well-organized stalker. Let’s face it: while there are plenty of situations found in anime or manga that seem like they could play out in real life, most are unlikely to ever naturally occur unless by some bizarre fluke.

Niconico News recently asked 500 of their readers to brainstorm some of the most common examples of such situations. Check what they came up with below!

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ExCest2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Now, your enemy becoming your ally does happen often. Ex. Personal experience and America and Britain and France and Russia and Germany and Spain and just about every other European country out there.

EDIT: Except for the Middle East. Man, they hate each other and everyone else out there.