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Durarara!! Blu-ray lunchbox unboxing with cat

Examiner: "Limited edition anime releases in lunchboxes aren't anything new, if you recall series collections of Serial Experiments Lain and 009-1. Yet, Aniplex's latest version of Durarara! might just be the best one yet. Released just this week in the U.S., this box is impressively packed with extras to complement the enclosed Blu-ray video, which by the way is spread across five discs in three cases. There's an impressive sturdiness to the box and is adorned with Beatles' inspired art work on the front and a minimalist image of the show's headless rider on the back. Also included is a 24-page production booklet and a double sided poster. You can see up close for yourself by clicking on the slideshow, which includes one of my cats."

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