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Former Square Enix boss calls merger ‘a complete failure’

Former Square Enix president Hisashi Suzuki has suddenly become very vocal about the state of his old company, taking to Twitter by calling the merger that took place in 2003 “a complete failure.”

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AsimLeonheart1990d ago

The man speaks the truth. Someone needs to get rid of Yoichi Wada who is destroying the company. Squaresoft used to create so many extraordinary game including new IPs but now they create and release nothing. FFVsXIII has been stuck in development hell more than half a decade and all of teh company's resources are being spent on portable remakes, Lightning Saga and reviving FFXIV. I miss the good old Squaresoft of the 90s.

zerocrossing1990d ago

Couldnt agree more, bring back Squaresoft!

Shinuz1990d ago

yeah bring back ENIX of old!!! DQ9 was the worst in the series and don't even get me started on that DQ10 online mmo...

RPG12011990d ago

Squaresoft was really something special... well, we will always have the classics!!!

AsimLeonheart1989d ago

The first thing I did after getting my PS3 was to get all the Squaresoft PSone titles. I got the old Final Fantasy titles, Chrono Series, Vagrant Story and Xenogears. I still love playing those games. They are just beautiful and so charming :-)