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Hanabee announces new acquisitions at Supanova Brisbane 2012

The newest anime distributor in Australia Hanabee have today announced several new title acquisitions at the Supanova Expo in Brisbane.

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masterabbott2291d ago

yeah excited about that one too

koga882291d ago

I wonder how many people will simply buy this from Australia and have it shipped to the US. Sure you'd need a region free dvd player to play it but considering the normal American release will probably be $150+, a $80 Australian purchase with $20 shipping would be a decent amount cheaper.

futurefrog2291d ago

Looks like it will be $49.95 AUD

koga882290d ago

That means that even if you pay $10-$20 shipping to the US, it'd be over a hundred dollars cheaper just to buy this version and import it. Very interesting.