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You'll cook more then one piece with this cookbook

So there you are just sitting around watching One Piece. Then, all of a sudden, you find yourself starving. You crave something hardy and meaty like something the pirate king would eat. At that moment, you see Luffy chowing down on a large chunk of meat on the bone that Sanji has so delicately prepared. Your mouth begins to water, wishing that you could have that right now.

Then you realize that you haven't been to the store in ages and the only thing left in the house is a half a case of instant ramen.

Luckily, there is a new One Piece themed cookbook coming out soon. Filled with 41 recipes fit for your pirate crew. All the recipes are based on food Sanji has prepared in the manga with step by step instructions. The cookbook is coming out on November 28th for the low price of 1,470 yen ($18.50) in Japan. Not too bad of a deal really for a themed cookbook like this.

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