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Hellsing Ultimate: Volumes V-VIII Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Hellsing Ultimate: Volumes V-VIII capitalizes on the build-up of the first four episodes of the series by throwing the viewer immediately into the bloodiest action of the entire season. In fact, this set makes Hellsing Ultimate the bloodiest show I’ve ever seen and it is bloody wonderful. Not only is the level of action provided throughout V-VIII taken to new heights but it is portrayed gorgeously as well. With only two episodes left and a hefty cliffhanger, viewers should relish in the idea of being able to dive once more into the bloody world of Hellsing Ultimate."

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koga882018d ago

That is great news that they managed to retain the same English voice cast as before. Talk about surprising given how long it has been. It seems like they give Seras a bigger spotlight in this one so that makes me happy, Alucard felt very over powered back in the first set.

masterabbott2018d ago

after reading this review im going to go check this out!

LinkageAX2018d ago

Can not wait to get my hands on this, the first few were the shit.

BlackPrince 422017d ago

I already own this and it's freaking amazing.