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Annotated Anime: Fall 2012 Week 7 | Japanator

Josh Tolentino:

Hey, woah! Holy crap, is it Saturday already?!

Time really flies when you're burying Vanu dirt-lickers as the beta test for Planetside 2 ends, and in my pursuit of glorious victory and profit for the New Conglomerate (go Blue and Yellow or go to your death!), I have ignored my duty to deliver you, dear readers, the latest in Japanese cartoon recap goodness. Never again, at least until Planetside 2 goes live again.

Until then, this is Annotated Anime, bringing you the latest in Busou Shinki, Psycho Pass, Hidamari Sketch, Magi, Chuunibyou, Sakurasou, Sword Art Online, Jormungand, Little Busters!, K, JoJo, Robotics;Notes, Space Bros., and now, Oniai, because you demanded it!

So get on below, and read recaps that are the canonical representation of "Better Late Than Never"!

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