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Eureka 7 AO Review | MoarPowah

"Eureka 7 AO, unlike the original, was only 24 episodes. Unfortunately, the story is similar in scope to Eureka 7, and as a result the pacing suffers quite a bit. Like another Bones show I reviewed, Bonen no Xam’d this show fell under the issue of having too much to say and having not enough time to say it. That being said, there is still something of a compelling story in Eureka 7 AO if you just dig a bit. There’s a ton of plot threads, and not all of them are resolved. There are also a few crazy twists and turns that have very unsatisfying endings. There was just too much for this show to live up to from its opening and it simply couldn’t deliver on all fronts. As far as what it did deliver, it did fairly well."

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