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Anime That Suck

Standing On My Neck writes:

Here it is. The anime that I think suck. The epitome of my hatred taken from that top ten most rage-inducing anime list I did some time ago and those “worst of the decade lists” I used to do.

Now keep in mind that this isn’t a list of the worst anime I have ever seen. For one thing, there are no terribad or hentai on this list. Some of these anime aren’t even scored that low on my MAL. But they represent traits and standards that I can’t stand, as well as serving as a guideline to people that when you recommend anime to me, don’t recommend anime like these. (5 Centimeters Per Second, Accel World, Anime, Black Cat, Deadman Wonderland, Disgaea, Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora, Hell Girl, Simoun, Suzuka, Type-Moon)

futurefrog  +   850d ago
This is pathetically bad
ShoryukenII  +   850d ago
This guy has some interesting opinions. He seems to hate pretty much everything. I still like reading his stuff though. :/
DivineHand125  +   850d ago
Some of the shows in this list are good rated series that carries on a fairly large fan base behind them. I haven't seen all the anime on the list my self but i disagree that deadman wonderland, hell girl and accel world are on that list.

I don't know why deadman wonderland is even on this list because i loved every minute of it and can't really think of any flaws myself.

Hell Girl on the other hand I can think of a few flaws like how they spend too much time on her clients than on the main character herself which gives the impression that the series isn't going anywhere similar to when filler episodes are aired but as a fan I accepted that fault since those episodes enjoyable most of time.

Accel world is one of my favourite series of this year and i admit that it does have a few flaws but everything that happens seemed to have a reasonable explanation.

What i find surprising is the absence of Sword Art Online on this list. That series has so many flaws yet it has a large mindless fanbase. Well maybe it didn't make the list because it is still on-going.
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ExCest  +   850d ago
I didn't even need to give him hits. I can see the tags right there. He really does seem to hate what is good. Does he even hate Type-Moon also? That's not nice.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   850d ago
I admit i dropped Accel world the minute they stop showing my girl. The last arc of the series was pathetic and it made me drop it.

Deadman Wonderland was pretty average i saw too many animes with the same kind of plot. Btooom is very similar to Deadman in someways. I probably didnt like Deadman because i hate cowardly main characters.

I must admit his blog is damn funny. You can tell he's trolling but in a funny damn way.
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vanethe  +   849d ago
I agree with him he actually makes some good points , e.g black cat "similar to Bleach, Black Cat is really good for the first few episodes".

and these :
Guilty Crown
any main stream shounen anime ...
wishingW3L  +   849d ago
at last someone know what good anime is. I'm tired that every time someone recommends me an anime is just some garbage shonen like Naruto or moe/slice of life crap like the stuff on that list.
aiBreeze  +   849d ago
Only one I agree from that list that I've seen would be Suzuka.. worst male protagonist and female love interest combination I've seen in an anime. The guy is so pathetic and the Suzuka acted like she's on the right time of the month every single day.
RyuX19  +   849d ago
I hated Deadman Wonderland.
chukamachine  +   849d ago
all of them?

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