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Tales of Hearts R's Shing Meteoryte Cuts Down Enemy in Combat Videos

ANN writes: "Namco Bandai Games began streaming a 18-second video introducing Shing Meteoryte using his Mystic Artes abilities with the game's new 3D graphics on Thursday. Mystic Artes are special combo moves used throughout the Tales of franchise.

Tales of Hearts R will have Calcedny Arcome, a former non-player character voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, as a party character this time. Shing Meteoryte (Tetsuya Kakihara) will still be the protagonist, but the main scenario will be fully voiced with 10 new animated story events. Additional cast members include Marina Inoue as Kohak Hearts, Hozumi Gôda as Kunzite, Masaya Matsukaze as Hisui Hearts, Saeko Chiba as Beryl Benitos, Hozumi Gôda as Kunzite, and Shizuka Itou as Innes Lorenz.

The graphics, backgrounds, character models, and battle system will also be upgraded. The battle system will also features a "chase link" mode that will allow players to make aerial attacks if certain conditions are met. The new game will also include a field map.

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