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Submitted by whatswithjeff 1156d ago | opinion piece

New Captain Commander and Kenpachi Yachiru Unohana: Bleach 520 Review

From "Bleach 520 was recently released and it was an epic chapter. The chapter revealed some new interesting facts that will make you go “wow, I never thought about that“. I presumed that you have already read the chapter so I’m going to proceed with the review and discussion of Bleach chapter 520." (Bleach, Manga)

DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1156d ago
Very interesting Unohana must have been brutal back in the day. Now she's gonna teach Zaraki how to be a true beast?!? Just imagine how strong Zaraki will be after training.
whatswithjeff  +   1156d ago
It gives me the chills just by thinking what kind of a beast was Unohana back then
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1155d ago
Yeah i know Unohana is the strongest in SC. She probably goes berserk when she fights. Thats why we havent seen her fight yet. I think the only person that can be on her level now is Kenpachi. She they got a past together in some way. Since Kenpanchi named his vice captain after her.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1155d ago
yep Unohana was the only person Zaraki ever respected so he named his vice Captain yachiru. Retsu itself means "violent".
kingPoS  +   1156d ago
Soo... is Zaraki's actually learning his Zanpakuto name?

I've been out of the loop on Bleach... way out. lol
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Raf1k1  +   1156d ago
He was trained by Yamamoto for a day in the art of killing. Only for a day since he didn't want Kenpachi getting too strong apparently.

Now they want to teach him everything so he'll be much stronger than he already is.

There's a lot of talk about what it means by teaching him 'the sword'. I think it's just the title for set of skills he'll be learning while some think he'll be learning his swords name.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1155d ago
IIRC he lost his memory at one point so he might know some skills but who knows.
Lord_Sloth  +   1156d ago
So....He just retconned the Central 46's involvement? They never bothered to replace them?
spicelicka  +   1156d ago
wtf did they do to the animeee, i wanna watchh
LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   1150d ago
it might come back in 3 years or so , that way it can be all mannga material and not Filler naruto basis to keep the show going
tachy0n  +   1155d ago
I want to read the manga but idk the one to start with, I just finished watching all the anime and the movies...
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1155d ago
If you stopped where the anime ended your not that far off. Start with chapter 480. The story got a lot better. A lot of people hate how Kubo tells Bleach. He has been giving us clues this whole time like a mystery.
tachy0n  +   1155d ago
thanks a lot, i really appreciate it! :D
metroidfusion2  +   1155d ago
O shit I don't read the manga but this is good to hear

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