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Cowboy Bebop Live Action Movie

"One anime that fans and otaku’s are praying to become a live action film is the one and only cowboy bebop. Yes it was a toonami hit in cartoon network when it first made its debut in America. Cowboy bebop continues to win the heart of the fans votes as to whether or not it should be a live action. Now for the pass five years there has been many debates as to who gets to make the live action movie of cowboy bebop. So far I believe either warner bros or universal studios will be making the movie."

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Deadpool6162007d ago

You know what? I've learned my lesson now. I don't want live action anime anymore. I'm satisfied with having it animated.

sithitachi2007d ago

Yeah i have to agree i don't think many animes/fighting ones translate well in live action. Tho love story or just general anime with a great story could easily translate imho (like death note)...

Simon_Brezhnev2007d ago

Same here man im sick of live action anime movies. They made Rurouni Kenshin look decent but i bet it was a horrible movie.

networkandy2006d ago

it is all about how the anime is directed. Any anime can become live action if its well directed trust me. Why do you think death note was made so well. It is because of the awesome directing and planning. Directors first need to know the elements of the anime to translate it to live action. I am an artist I also find it interesting and adventurous when an anime is being translated in to live action