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Dead or Alive 5 Plus Paradise Costumes and gravure video announced for Japan

Tecmo Koei in Japan has announced some rather interesting Collector's Edition contents for Dead or Alive 5 Plus in Japan.

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koga881342d ago

And with this, Tecmo Koei has officially jumped the shark with the title. C'mon really? A gravure video? Well... this is for Japan only so far.... but even I think that's a little much.

masterabbott1342d ago

Man boobies !! love them !! gotta have them !!

JoMO1342d ago

Clearly you are mistaken...

DarkBlood1342d ago

highly doubt that look at his name hes a masterbot lol

kingPoS1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

No no no!!! You don't want them, you want the girl who has them. ^_~

Cirran1342d ago

You love man boobies?

ChrisW1341d ago

You could try importing... but you more than likely need a modded console to play it.

futurefrog1342d ago

I approve of this side boob

kingPoS1342d ago

You know the Dead or Alive game series is on to something when they're known more for boobs than fighting mechanics.

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