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Submitted by fblan001 1069d ago | news

Future Diary/Mirai Nikki Gets New Redial Manga/Anime Episode

An advertising flyer has revealed that a brand-new Future Diary Redial (Mirai Nikki Redial) manga volume will arrive in Japan late next July, and the volume will bundle a new original anime DVD. Original manga creator Sakae Esuno created the plot for this new project, and Katsuhiko Takayama, the head scriptwriter for the Future Diary anime series, wrote the original scenario. The bundle will include the new manga story, a collection of designs for the anime, the new anime which will run about 25 minutes long, and a tall case to hold everything with an exclusive jacket illustration. (Anime, Mirai Nikki)

fblan001  +   1069d ago
I'm not sure if its an OVA or just a new episode for the manga.
Archaic  +   1069d ago
Sounds like it's both. A new manga volume, bundled together with an extra OVA. Presumably the manga is full tankobon length, so who knows what content they've pull together for it.
iChii  +   1065d ago
I wish this was a bad joke.. I'm the type of person that when they start an anime, no matter how bad it is I have to finish it.. and this one was really really bad.. In my opinion.

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